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The power of a smoothie

Smoothies are the best thing to get your child loving very early on. Anyone with a blender can create healthy combinations with any fruit or vegetables you have on hand. They are excellent first thing in the morning as the body wakes up- pure liquid vitamins.

Get into the habit of freezing bananas gone too ripe- add them to make a thicker smoothie bowl and decorate with fruit (as above). You can also freeze the leftover fruit blend amount in popsicles molds for snacks later- better than any store bought containing additives. Try adding an avocado or two and it becomes creamy- freeze for a most healthy (dairy free) ice cream.

Play with flavour between fruit and veg- adding honey or maple syrup to sweeten if needed. You can also add super food powder or extra protein or any supplement that your child may not be able to take. You can hide anything needed- a great way to get health into a picky eater- in efforts to bring back balance. These take no time to make and are so versatile, the possibilities are infinite- happy discovering.

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