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Help, now I have new food intolerance!

Food matters, simply said.

Your body can only create new cells from the foods you put in your mouth. These nutrients become assimilated and form the building blocks of new tissue, bone and muscle. So ask yourself, do you want cells made from fast foods, starch, sugar and pop? Or fresh, alive fruits, vegetables and whole grains?

We have learned that your eating should change and adjust to your life stage: puberty, child bearing, child rearing, and andro/menopause. Your body metabolism changes for each period, so your nutrient needs will change as well. Not only that, but your cells can take 8-10 years to all completely regenerate, so you literally will have a 'new' body every decade or so. This all forms most of the 'why' that people suspect food intolerance/allergy that either comes and goes, or changes over time~ you can outgrow them and then acquire new ones.

You can do something about it. Discover if your body has imbalances, fighting a hidden infection, has chronic inflammation, water retention, compromised immunity, intense cravings, or food triggers. You can read, research, find a practitioner or expert to help navigate, learn about the food industry, GMOs, quality of processed food, what is done to the animals and pesticide use; in order to make educated choices. There are also tests that can be done: blood, hair, urine, stool, metabolism; all to uncover system imbalance, dysbiosis, or digestion challenges. If you do suspect issues with food but cannot pinpoint which ones, there is IGE/IGG testing that can provide a list of foods and what you are no longer tolerating. Knowing and eliminating those triggers is step one to feeling better and improving your symptoms.

Our family is the first generation in our lineage to go through this, so we have carved out this path for others to follow. You are not alone, there are entire groups of folks navigating this path too. We share our story so we can connect others to this same community and take back their health.


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