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“Lori is a very passionate nutrition consultant and has been instrumental in pointing our family to her valuable network of resources to help with food allergy issues.

She does not hesitate to make you benefit from her own experiences and makes sure to validate she’s addressing your concerns. Availability and ability to relate are part of her brand”

~Momma of 4yr old

"I feel so lucky to have connected with her. I would highly recommend Lori because she genuinely cares and is so very knowledgeable!"

~Mom of teen boy

Lori has many nutrition ideas in the areas of supplements, foods, developing new routines, and health & wellness activity ideas to help specific problems, the whole person, and even the whole family!  Lori is very comfortable and friendly to talk to and she’s willing to help in any way she can; she is great at being a health detective to help find out root causes.  I always leave feeling supported and with more resources and plans to look into and try out. ”

~Happy mommy of teen

"Invaluable knowledge for my child's diagnosis and explaining what is happening. Truly cares about entire wellness of family."

~ Happy father

"I can’t thank you enough for your kind words and hearing your passion was incredible. We need more wonderful people like you in our field to support parents. Looking forward to collaborating in the future."

~ School Director

"We really appreciate all the suggestions she offers, as well as the supportive and encouraging words. Her knowledge of local resources is remarkable"

~ Senior practitioner

"She is an excellent speaker and manages to make her lectures fun and very relatable in a variety of mediums both live and virtual. The time flew by - which means it was both interesting and engaging!"

~ Corporate client

"Lori’s contagious enthusiasm and delivery of Mental Health and Workplace Wellness solutions are surely needed during these turbulent times of uncertainty and isolation."

~ Corporate client

"I highly recommend Lori Preshing, Her knowledge and commitment to health and wellness, coupled with her human resource background, gives her a great perspective for corporate companies."

~Corporate client

 "You have many gifts Lori Preshing.... I managed to join in on a few of your online classes, only to witness the one you have been very modest about, up to now! Thank you for sharing the wealth of information about Boosting Our Immunity. There are so many facets that overlap. I also noticed how the other classes provide the opportunity to practice some of the techniques that you taught us too! Your methods of getting the message across are not only enlightening but you make it fun! Thank you so much!"

~Audience member

"Lori, you are a godsend! Your knowledge of Autism resources in the city is incredible, you have made of big impact in our lives. I cannot thank you enough" 

~ Mom of teen girl

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