About Lori

 Want to uncover your hidden food allergies?

Have questions about different diets?

Suspect you have nutrient deficiencies?

Take back ownership of your health.

Throughout  her own personal health challenges and those of her family,  she has become passionate about the study of nutrition and its powerful impact on the body and mind.  She has spent over a decade studying, researching and implementing nutrient intervention towards healing, for both her boys with multiple food allergies. She is an Allergy Mom.


Lori has completed her studies at the CSNN and is now a Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN) consulting with various wellness clinics, progressive professionals and corporate events.  Her goal is to create personalized plans that will bring health for the entire family. She is delighted to share recovery stories of those families she has guided to health.

Specialities: Detecting hidden food allergies. Digestive issues (IBD/IBS) - food and chemical sensitivities. Pediatric nutrition. Designs corporate wellness fairs/programs. Demonstrates allergen-free cooking classes. Corporate speaker. Media spokesperson.

Passionate about taking ownership of your own health!

Residing in the city of Ottawa, she can be reached through social media pages or contact.

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