February 28, 2019

These are the secrets that no one tells you- you have to live through them and figure it out when you have your own children.

We do not have allergies in my family, no exposure at all. However I knew about food intolerance- I have always reacted to cow dairy milk and yogurt with bad cramps and gastro distress so I stayed away. But I loved cheese and ice cream, even though they gave me mild bloating which I would ignore for the pleasure of the taste. 

Looking back, it makes complete sense that both my boys inherited my dairy intolerance because thats how it works, mommy passes all microbiome and sensitivities to children, but I knew nothing of that way back then.  My first child was restless, unhappy, fussy- he needed to be held and rocked all the time. He would sometimes scream and curl up into a ball seemingly in pain- colic they called it. So we tried everything - gripe water, massage, warm towel on belly- but the most he would sleep was 3 hours at a time, all around the cloc...

September 9, 2018

This book came out last year and has made a splash on the market - a new protocol to help those with ASD and developmental disorders. Using his patient experience, Dr. Nemechek clearly draws a direct connection between the brain and the intestinal system (the gut), a concept that is slowly becoming mainstream- the state of our digestive system truly affects our mood, personality, focus, memory and how we learn. A healthy bowel microbiome equals a healthy brain.

In his book, he explains how he uses a five step program to improve their conditions, by improving the beneficial bacteria in the intestinal tract, using omegas to reduce inflammation and strengthen the vagus nerve to boost the nervous system. He also goes in depth to explain how cumulative brain injury (CBI) can make things worse for those with a compromised tract- think bumps and falls for children or sport injuries for athletes. 

The Nemechek Protocol steps:

1) Balance intestinal bacteria (he guides his patients using...

August 31, 2018

It is inevitable, they go back, they catch all the bugs they are exposed to and the sick days begin. Even more so for toddlers who are still exploring and everything goes in the mouth, it is going to happen. So what can you do about it??

Over the years we have found a few natural secrets that work very well for our family, so it makes sense to share these gold nuggets:

COD LIVER OIL (CLO) rewind the clock and this was always given to children- tasted bad but moms insisted, they knew better. What are the benefits? High in vitamins A and D both needed for healthy functioning immune system, bone and teeth health, and tissue repair- great for those bumps and bruises. Omega3s- the good fat! This is complete brain food and keeps the information highway of their nervous system running smoothly- also think memory for tests and homework, mood and concentration at school. Also helps keep blood sugar stable so they can stay focused until lunchtime. Give a heaping teaspoon to your child in their jui...

May 30, 2018

Even though both my boys are teens now, I remember those days very well. I was outnumbered at the dinner table as they fed off each other and screamed, cried, threw tantrums, pretended to be sick- anything just so I would give in and not make them eat those horrible veggies. We are now a LONG way from those days, and I vowed when we came out the other side that I would help other parents out of that slippery slope. 

It can start so easily, a party, a vacation, family over -times when you become lax with routine and eating rounded meals, eating on the run or too many restaurants/fast food. But before you know it- your child has self limited to 4 foods, has sensory issues, or sleeps poorly, has weird rashes, cannot regulate moods /behaviour and maybe seeing all kinds of gastro issues. You know deep down inside that things are not right and even that multivitamin you give is not enough, but see no way out. BEEN THERE.

It does not take much to throw the body out of balance- the sel...

May 1, 2018

I remember trying to make my son a birthday cake right after we went GFCF after discovering his multiple allergies. What a lesson in frustration and tears- all 3 attempts failed and we had to go to the only gluten free store in town to get one. I felt like such a failure, unable to do a basic thing to bring him happiness.

Now over a decade later, after countless cook books, blogs, posts, research, youtube videos, pins and vines, I dare say that I have come out the other side. I now can make both my boys gluten, dairy, yeast, sugar free anything. This was a tough and lonely road to walk when I was the only one on this journey, even though surrounded by family and friends, no one seemed to understand.

Now I have mastered my family's favourites, along with substituting any ingredient for common recipes to turn out successfully. I now can teach other Allergy Moms how to do the same and share all my years of trial and error- giving credit to my husband who announced this years ago (and h...

March 28, 2018

Smoothies are the best thing to get your child loving very early on. Anyone with a blender can create healthy combinations with any fruit or vegetables you have on hand. They are excellent first thing in the morning as the body wakes up- pure liquid vitamins.

Get into the habit of freezing bananas gone too ripe- add them to make a thicker smoothie bowl and decorate with fruit (as above). You can also freeze the leftover fruit blend amount in popsicles molds for snacks later- better than any store bought containing additives. Try adding an avocado or two and it becomes creamy- freeze for a most healthy (dairy free) ice cream. 

Play with flavour between fruit and veg- adding honey or maple syrup to sweeten if needed. You can also add super food powder or extra protein or any supplement that your child may not be able to take. You can hide anything needed- a great way to get health into a picky eater- in efforts to bring back balance. These take no time to make and are so versatile, th...

March 28, 2018

OK Moms, Allergy free lunch for a week!

Packing a school lunchbox has become an exercise in memory, nutrition and flavour of the month, all before you have had your morning coffee. You need to know all the school's forbidden foods, your child's favourite of the moment and try to make the lunchbox as nutritious and appealing as possible. Challenging indeed.

Nuts, wheat, dairy, corn, soy and eggs are the most common allergens posted in schools today and banned from the lunchbox. What does that leave? You need to plan ahead for meals, research other options and get really creative. 

Fortunately there are many tools in the market today to help. If you are gluten and dairy free (GFCF), investing in a good thermos or bento box is a good bet. There are numerous choices in products in order to avoid top allergens- dairy free yogurts and cheese, egg and soy free choices and gluten free baked goods. Sticking to fresh whole foods as much as you can forms the basis of good nutriti...

January 23, 2018


Genetics + individuality + environment exposure = toxic load.

Toxic load= chemicals exposure from environment  (antibiotics, preservatives, pesticides, stress, GMOs, etc..) may disrupt a developing immune system

Food is now grown and manufactured in artificial ways that may be harmful to the body - added chemicals, GMOs, pesticides, antibiotics..

•Developing immune systems (with toxic load) of young children have become dysregulated and may be prone to react to food today.

•Fruits & vegs are now sprayed with pesticides and irradiated

• Increasing GMO food now hitting the market and no laws around labelling (ie. peanut DNA in tomatoes, frog DNA in corn)

• Animal factory conditions (steroids, growth hormones, antibiotics, GMO feed)

• Pasteurization, food processing, manufacturing= chemicals for shelf life







CHEMICALS (food dye & additives)







Intestinal pe...

January 22, 2018


  • today 1 in 13 children has food allergies

  • they have risen 50% over last 10 years

  • consider the rain barrel effect (genetics+individuality+environment exposure=toxic load)

  • studies conducted on umbilical cords of babies now show they have over 200 chemicals in their bodies at birth

  • this coupled with food is no longer the same (pesticides, irradiation, GMOs, growth hormones, steroids, antibiotic use, pasteurization)

  • children born with toxic load may have dysreguated metabolism and may react to these unnatural foods

  • top 12 allergens: dairy, corn, wheat, soy, peanut, food additives, shellfish, eggs, beef/pork, strawberries, citrus, tomato)

  • read ingredients labels- top 4 allergens found in all foods marketed to children

  • when a body eats the same foods repeatedly- risk of allergy becomes greater

  • common allergy symptoms= swelling, constricted airway, hives, allergy shiners, gastro issues, headaches, ec...

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January 23, 2018

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