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Haywire Hormones???

Are sleep and mood starting to become an issue? How is digestion and capacity to handle stress? Hot flashes, restless legs, weight gain and brain fog?

Then you may be entering peri-menopause- the period where hormones begin to fluctuate before the factory shuts down and menstruation stops. As estrogen and progesterone decline from the ovaries, the thyroid and the adrenals have to pick up the slack, these hormones are still needed for many functions including sleep and digestion. This means that these two organs can only do 50% of their original jobs- which are metabolism, body temperature and stress regulator. Supporting these organs and addressing many symptoms through balancing the body can help greatly. These declining hormones also have an impact on skin, bones and nervous system.

Track your cycle- it usually follows the phases of the moon, then book your time accordingly- time to rest and creative/energy time. Cycle synching is now a trend many women are trying to make the most out of the month, not everyday is the same for us, so we need to listen to our bodies:

A naturopath can help with blood, urine & saliva testing to see where your body is out of balance and if you have deficiencies. A great focus should be placed on fruit and vegetables or a specialized diet to optimize the micro biome. Vitamins ACED, magnesium, B complex, probiotics and calcium will also help replace nutrients lost. Herbs like ashwaganda, rhodiola, ginseng, chamomile can be used with guidance, these are powerful so a little goes a long way. Cut out inflammatory fast foods, coffee, pop, dairy, deli meats and nightshades. Focus on body detox, cleanses, stress management, yoga, tai chi, qigong, emotional and spiritual therapies. Find your women circle, acupuncture, chakra balancing, energy healing, meditation, sound baths, reiki, reflexology, iridology, breathwork, get back to nature, find your purpose or book a retreat. Finding yourself again is also part of the journey.


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