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The cake that won everything

I remember trying to make my son a birthday cake right after we went GFCF after discovering his multiple allergies. What a lesson in frustration and tears- all 3 attempts failed and we had to go to the only gluten free store in town to get one. I felt like such a failure, unable to do a basic thing to bring him happiness.

Now over a decade later, after countless cook books, blogs, posts, research, youtube videos, pins and vines, I dare say that I have come out the other side. I now can make both my boys gluten, dairy, yeast, sugar free anything. This was a tough and lonely road to walk when I was the only one on this journey, even though surrounded by family and friends, no one seemed to understand.

Now I have mastered my family's favourites, along with substituting any ingredient for common recipes to turn out successfully. I now can teach other Allergy Moms how to do the same and share all my years of trial and error- giving credit to my husband who announced this years ago (and had learned to prefer my baking over store bought :) I now can share the best recipe, from the cake that wins everything: ½ c chocolate chips, 3 eggs, ½ c coconut oil, 1/2 c cocoa powder, 1 can black beans, dash almond milk, avocado, 12 drops stevia, 1/4 c GF flour, 1 tsp vanilla, add some super food/protein powders if you like,1 tsp bake powder & soda, pinch salt, blend all in processor and bake 20m. Enjoy guilt free eating!

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