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Nutritionist secrets for immune system boosting.

It is inevitable, they go back, they catch all the bugs they are exposed to and the sick days begin. Even more so for toddlers who are still exploring and everything goes in the mouth, it is going to happen. So what can you do about it??

Over the years we have found a few natural secrets that work very well for our family, so it makes sense to share these gold nuggets:

COD LIVER OIL (CLO) rewind the clock and this was always given to children- tasted bad but moms insisted, they knew better. What are the benefits? High in vitamins A and D both needed for healthy functioning immune system, bone and teeth health, and tissue repair- great for those bumps and bruises. Omega3s- the good fat! This is complete brain food and keeps the information highway of their nervous system running smoothly- also think memory for tests and homework, mood and concentration at school. Also helps keep blood sugar stable so they can stay focused until lunchtime. Give a heaping teaspoon to your child in their juice every morning and watch what happens over time.

VITAMIN D- this little vitamin is so important to us here in Canada since we go without sun for more than half the year. The only way it is naturally produced in the body is by sun exposure (so rethink sun screen for select moments). We always also supplement this throughout the winter and flu season always passes us by.

OIL OF OREGANO we found this one years ago- it is a very strong natural antibacterial. Take 3/4 drops of this in juice at the first sign of runny nose, sniffles, sore throat and it is gone the next day! Like prescription antibiotics- it kills ALL bacteria in your system good and bad- so always replenish with the good guys- probiotics. This is great on cuts, infections, pimples, athletes foot, any skin inflammation- it goes to work.

ELDERBERRY SYRUP also an ancient remedy, use this if the cold or flu sets in and it helps you recover faster- an immune system booster while you take it. Helps with congestion of sinus and chest. A natural diuretic and laxative- will help you flush out the virus faster. Can also help with hay fever season. We buy as a syrup and take 2/3 times per day when sick.

MANUKA HONEY cough drops this special honey made in New Zealand has antibacterial properties- the boys find this on the best for soothing their sore throats. It can also help with oral health. It can also help with digestive symptoms and IBS- it has been shown to kill C.diff- a nasty bacteria that can cause these symptoms.

ROYAL JELLY the queen bee only eats this. It has amazing antibacterial, wound healing properties. Number one is boosting the immune system and it even has probiotics! And can help with seasonal local allergies. Quite expensive, so use sparingly.

Now you are set for back to school- from our family to yours.

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